Marc HeemskerkVice President

As a student in the Earth Sciences at the VU Amsterdam since 2015, Marc Heemskerk is specializing in the geology of the Moon and Mars. The overall goal is to construct an extraterrestrial habitat, as quickly, efficient and safe as possible, to conduct local field research into the origin of the solar system and perhaps, life.

After an elaborate BSc. degree, for which he made his own Lunar and Martian concrete, Marc continued as a MSc. student in September 2019. After several internship projects with the ESA and as an active member of GeoVUsie, he is familiar with organizing big events in and outside of the Netherlands. Now, as the Vice-President of the SAL, he will ensure – together with the rest of the enthusiastic student board – that the Earth Science Career Event of 2021 will be another inspirational success!

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