Eline WijnenTreasurer

Eline Wijnen is 23 years and is the treasurer of the current SAL board. In 2019 she completed her bachelor degree in Earth Sciences at Utrecht University, after she also studied a semester in Bergen, Norway. Afterwards, she traveled several months through South America, because as an Earth Scientist you want to see and understand the world.

She is currently studying for her master degree Earth Structure and Dynamics at Utrecht University, after which she hopes to contribute to the energy transition. The past years, she has been active at her study association, the Utrechtse Aardwetenschappen Vereniging (U.A.V.), was a student-member of the Faculty Council, and she has worked as a Team Trainer at a restaurant, which has improved her organizational and teamwork skills significantly. The function as treasurer is therefore perfect for her and she will make sure that all financial aspects of the Earth Science Career Event will be executed well.

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