Dirk BakkerLogistics

Meet Dirk, an enthusiastic student, always looking for new challenges to further develop himself within and outside of his field of study. It is with this in mind that he, as Head of Logistics of the SAL-Board, will focus on the logistic aspects on and off site of the Earth Science Career Event. As a calm and creative spirit, Dirk knows how to keep the goal in his sight – to make the next edition of our great event into another inspiring success.

As a BSc. student, Dirk started studying Earth Sciences at the VU in Amsterdam. The combination of exhilarating field experience and the subsequent data analysis at one’s desk, is the ultimate match for Dirk. In his third year of studying, he exchanged Amsterdam for the beautiful scenery of Spitsbergen (Svalbard), Norway, for a semester. It was here that he found his deep rooted interest for hydrology. Now, as a MSc. student in Hydrology, Dirk is interested in finding solutions for fresh water shorts and surpluses.

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