Keynote Speaker

Anouk Creusen

Theme Earth Science Career Event 2021

This years’ theme of the Earth Science Career Event is “Empower Your Future”. With this theme, we aim to give more security and certainty in the futures of those recently graduated and those still studying. At this moment there are large uncertainties in the lives of both students and employees. Due to the current pandemic, networking and starting new connections is getting increasingly difficult. To still be able to meet up, teach, and maintain professional and personal relations, technology has played an increasingly important role. By streaming, video conferences, and online event platforms, we find creative ways to keep in touch and we gather fresh insights about this new future.

With these insights, we as organizers of the Earth Science Career Event 2021, have chosen to utilize this unique situation to our benefit. By placing our event in the virtual environment, we can extend it beyond our conventional reach to talk with students and companies from other locations and sectors. Hereby, the Earth Science Career Event presents itself even more than usual, as the bridge between students and the professional world – for jobs, internships, thesis projects, traineeships, and much more. This allows us to offer even more students the same opportunities to better their own future.

This year, equality, openness, and inclusivity form the main pillars for the Earth Science Career Event. As we are an event created by and for students in the geoscientific sectors, we are easily accessible for those interested from career orientation to new starters. With our diverse lecturers and guest speakers, we appeal to students from all geoscientific angles. This way we can, together with them, build towards a more beneficial and empowered future for all!

Arwen Deuss

JanJaap Brinkman

Patrick Brooijmans

Michiel Ottevanger

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