Keynote 2023

Tanja Zegers

Thema Earth Science Career Event 2023

Each edition of ESCE has a new relevant theme, and this year’s theme is “Exploring new horizons”. After a turbulent period of uncertainty, it is time to look to the future again. The picture of the future has changed dramatically in a short time. Think of relevant themes such as climate change and the energy transition. Here, the world is at the beginning of a period of change. What opportunities are there for the new generation of students?

The challenges awaiting us will be fierce. Nowadays, the problems are more complex than ever, with the solutions being connected to one another. At the same time, the possibilities are endless, in which the geosciences are portraying an increasingly prominent role. In which the task to manage the available resources in an efficient and sustainable way cannot be neglected. However, to access your own potential and the potential of your environment, you will have to be creative and adventurous. You will have to look for the boundaries and in time push them as well. The speakers of this edition’s ESCE have accomplished this task in his/her own way. In their lectures they will tell you, with great enthusiasm, how they explored their own ‘new horizons’.

William Ouellette

Sander Loos

Patrick Brooijmans

Michiel Ottevanger

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