Register here for the Earth Science Career Event, on February 17th 2023.

    *We only ask a phone number to provide logistical information during the event. Mostly, for the Meet&Connect participants. For more information please see our privacy statement.

    Option Workshop (first come, first serve)

    During the event, multiple workshops will be given. You can attend only one workshop at the event. However, you can make your preferences for your 1st, 2nd en 3rd choice known by filling in the boxes below. For the workshops, the "First come, First serve" rule applies. All workshops have a maximum of 30 students. You will receive your assigned workshop through email. If you wish to attend a workshop that was added after your registration, please do not fill in the regular registration form again. But look for the confirmation e-mail that was sent to your inbox to register for a new workshop. Please be aware that some workshops are only given in Dutch. Check the different workshops on

    Option Meet & Connect

    The registration for the Meet&Connect is closed. However, you can still upload your CV to receive a CV-check from Qompas.

    Free cv check from Qompas

    Qompas is the specialist in the field of career choices and orientation and offers a CV check in preparation for the career event. In this service, Qompas checks your CV and provides it with feedback.
    Yes, I agree with the privacy statement of Qompas, I want to use the free CV-check and I give permission to the SAL to share my CV with Qompas. Also, I give permission to Qompas to send me email.

    As of now it is not possible to consider allergies regarding the lunch. Do you have an allergy? Please bring your own lunch.

    All lunches are vegan. The lunch is free of charge and included when participating in the event.

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    Earth Science Career Event on the 15th of February 2019

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