Wintershall Noordzee, een multinational op het gebied van exploratie en productie, is in 1965 opgericht onder de naam Pennzoil Nederland Company. In die dagen was het een onafhankelijke pioneer op dit gebied. in de loop der jaren is Wintershall Noordzee volwassen geworden en heeft het zich ontwikkeld tot het bedrijf dat het vandaag de dag is.

Wintershall Noordzee B.V. is an international E&P company which specializes in offshore exploration, development and production of natural gas. We are one of the leading operators on the Dutch Continental Shelf with strong expertise in exploration, drilling, field development, production operations and re-use and decommissioning. Together with our highly skilled, trained and motivated team of on and offshore specialists, we are committed to contribute to the energy transition. Whatever we do, we are incessantly integrating HSE into all our activities and strive for continuous improvement in this area. Safety is our first priority, in all our activities, at all times.

Wintershall Noordzee is proud sponsor of the 2021 Earth Science Career Event and wish for an informative, interesting and knowledgeable event for all participants.

Category: Exploration & Production
Labels: Energy, Exploration, International, Offshore, Production, Technical

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