Wareco Ingenieurs
We are an agency that focuses on the fields of soil, water and foundations. We work with about 70 colleagues on issues and problems in built-up areas. A hot topic that we are very concerned with is making cities and villages climate-proof.
We are proud of the large, leading projects in which our expertise was invoked (including Rijksmuseum and Vondelpark Amsterdam), but we also see challenges in small-scale problems.

Our ambition
Working at Wareco means being busy with challenging projects, sharing knowledge, delivering quality and growing.
Our advisers always gather new knowledge and develop new research and design methods. This creates innovative solutions for flooding, soil issues and foundation problems.
We stand for: professionalism, innovative thinking and mutual involvement. But at Wareco, the atmosphere is also very important, which means that we also have a lot of fun working together on our projects


Category: Hydrology, Climate & Soil
Labels: Climate, Consultancy, Droughts, Floods, GIS, Hydrology, Modelling, Soil

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