Vandebron is the challenger on the energy market and ensures radical transparency. At Vandebron, you as a customer choose who you buy energy from ☀️👩‍🌾 and where your money 💸 goes. Our mission is clear: to 100% sustainable energy in the Netherlands as quickly as possible 🇳🇱.

We learn by doing based on our scale-up mentality. You get a lot of freedom and ownership in your work with which you can immediately make a difference. We dare to steer our own course, to do things just that little bit differently. And it works! Thanks to our ambitious Vandebronners, we now have 300 energy sources and more than 180,000 households connected to our platform.

Have you become enthusiastic? We are constantly looking for students (Dutch speaking) who want to strengthen our Telesales department and customer service. Check for current vacancies.

Juliette Grycko, Talent Recruiter Vandebron >

Category: Future Energy & Resources
Labels: Climate, Energy, Energy transition, Informal, Innovation, Sustainability, Technical

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