Though the future may seem far away to some, Sweco is already there. Our specialists in the field of construction installations are currently working on the interior design of a new hospital which is scheduled to open for patients within five years. Furthermore, our infrastructure engineers are currently analyzing a new underground metro, which will be opened to travelers in ten years. Our architects are designing what will be a vibrant, dynamic new urban district in 15 years. Our clients can have high expectations for cooperation with Sweco. We promise our clients to be the most approachable and committed partner with renowned expertise. Working together with Sweco is easy and we will do anything in our power to better understand your needs. Whatever the challenge, clients can count on a solution at Sweco.
Sweco designs and develops communities and cities of the future. Our dedication leads to sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure, and access to electricity and clean water. With 15000 employees across Europe, we offer our clients the right expertise in any situation. Each year, we carry out projects in over 70 countries around the globe. Sweco is the largest architectural and engineering consultancy in Europe, has a turnover of around EUR 1.8 billion (pro forma 2017), and is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm.
2030, 2045, 2050… we design and develop the future now. Do you really want to make a difference? Join us at Sweco. Together with our clients, we work on neat and challenging projects. Check out our jobs online:, or contact our Campus Recruiter: Fabienne Jansen, +31 6 23 21 83 75

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