Our society faces complex challenges in the areas of climate, water, soil and energy. Solving these issues requires leadership, the ability to work together integrally and to look beyond your own interests and your own organization. We realize that we cannot continue to think and work as we do now, that we have to develop new systems.

That is why our traineeships bring together young talents from all disciplines across the full width of the chain. Thanks to this close-knit network, which continues to grow every year, new partnerships and surprising solutions are created for a sustainable future. We have two main drivers: developing young talent and caring for our planet.

In our two-year training program you work with your fellow trainees in training, coaching, reflection and intervision and a theme line to get to know the sectors and fields of work better. You will also work on multidisciplinary projects at various organizations in the chain. This gives you insight into and understanding of all the different perspectives, and you develop a broad view. After two years, you will have all the necessary skills and insights to start ‘the real work’. But to be honest: you are actually already starting with us.

For Trainees Information – National Water Traineeship

Category: Hydrology, Climate & Soil
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