The Royal Netherlands Geological Mining Society (KNGMG), founded in 1912, is the umbrella organization of earth scientists in the Netherlands. The society has three goals: 1) to represent the interests of the members; 2) to enhance the contacts between members, and 3) to promote the earth sciences and the recognition of its importance to society. As part of these objectives, the KNGMG also provides the accreditation as a European Geologist in collaboration with the International License Body of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG). The KNGMG publishes the Geo.brief and, together with TNO, the renowned international journal Netherlands Journal of Geosciences. The society awards two honors annually; the Waterschoot van der Gracht Penning, for exceptionally deserving earth scientists, and the Escher Prize for the best-assessed master’s thesis in (applied) earth sciences. You can find us online at or via the KNGMG LinkedIn page.

Check de Geo.brief – Best of 2019:

For more questions; contact Anne Pluymakers at TU Delft, board member and contact point for students and academia

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