Climate change results in more frequent rainstorms, sea-level rise, more inundation and severe flooding all over the world. At HydroLogic we believe that many of the current water problems resulting from climate change and urbanisation can be solved by innovative information and communication technologies (ICT). Our mission is to empower water managers by providing easy access to reliable data, simulation models, user-friendly software and in-depth water knowledge.

More than 110 Dutch municipalities, 16 Dutch water boards and a growing number of foreign clients in more than 12 countries, use our award winning HydroNET Cloud platform. We are a high-tech company, working from offices in Amersfoort and Delft on the most complex water-model and ICT systems, to make the difference.

We are always looking for students with excellent study results in Physical Geography, Civil Engineering, Meteorology, Earth Sciences or Hydrology or ICT, doing an internship or a graduation assignment with us. Have you graduated and are you looking for a job? Please send an open application or view our vacancies at or send an open application to

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