Geofoxx, a Dutch consultancy company, actively strives to improve the living environment. We are a diverse group of passionate people – researchers, professionals and consultants – with a broad variety of backgrounds. By combining backgrounds, passions, and a constructive perspective on issues (from problems to solutions, from ‘less bad’ to ‘more good’) and by integrating disciplines, we develop unique perspectives on environmental and health issues. Geofoxx employees share the believe that this societal focus (societal  needs above direct market requirements) matches perfectly with not only the public- but also the private sector.

In diverse teams we collaborate on local, regional and national projects that frequently relate to a general environmental or health issue. We don’t have a fixed hierarchy, impact is our main focus and (internal and external) collaboration the means to this end.

Category: Hydrology, Climate & Soil
Labels: Climate, Consultancy, Environmental Management, GIS, Hydrology, Modelling, Research, Soil

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