GeoExperts is a joint venture of the companies Ruimteschepper and NieuwlandGeo, with focus on knowledge, expertise and capacities in the field of advice, interim management and secondment in Geo-Information. We believe that having knowledge of Geo and GIS is crucial in a diversity of projects and information structures. More than 90% of the information in the world can be Geo-related, knowledge of this element is very important within the generic information provision. GeoExperts was formed at the end of 2018 and is active on the Dutch market. A young and dynamic company with a lot of knowledge and experience within the Geo workfield. In total we have 140 Geo-professionals with a proven track record in the most conceivable industries and a variety of assignments.

Without Geo there is no adequate approach to climate adaptation, mobility issues, environmental plans, redevelopment, asset management or water management. With knowledge of processes, systems, technology and applications with optimal use of location-intelligence in spatial assignments, we feel comfortable in almost every field and environment. Our professionals can make the complex world of Geo-information workable.

If you like to work in the GIS / Geo sector, you enjoy helping different customers and looking at different workplaces, then we must meet! At GeoExperts you have the opportunity to develop yourself, personally and professionally, in our continuous training program (own developed Geo-Training). We also have various knowledge sessions, you will discover new technologies and possibilities of Geo-infomation. As an informal organization, we have a close connection with our collegues and clients. Did we draw your attention? Let us know!

Category: GIS & Remote Sensing
Labels: Climate, Consultancy, Energy transition, Environmental Management, GIS, Government, Modelling, Remote Sensing

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