A map connects people wherever they are. By working with the same map, everyone has the same image. Thanks to the insight of a geographic information system (GIS), it is possible to make a difference. A progressive GIS works on any device, anywhere, anytime. Esri’s GIS is the ArcGIS platform. ArcGIS integrates information sources and connects to other systems. With this platform it is possible to support processes and make well-founded decisions. Organizations reveal the power of their data and make themselves smarter with maps and geographic analysis. More than 350,000 organizations worldwide work with Esri’s innovative technology on a daily basis. In the Netherlands, the broad network consists of more than 2.000 Dutch organizations, including large cities, governments and businesses.

Currently 175 employees are working at Esri Nederland, market leader in GIS. They spend their time on positioning the ArcGIS-software, improving the services and therefor help clients grow. Esri is offering these employees a variety of career opportunities. From internships to junior positions. And from medior to senior management functions.


Category: GIS & Remote Sensing
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