EBN is a company in the energy sector that was established almost 60 years ago to represent the government’s interest in producing oil and gas. Today EBN is redirecting its activities towards a sustainable energy system, while making a significant contribution towards society’s climate ambitions. EBN welcomes the task of helping to accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands. To this end, the organisation set its own internal transition in motion several years ago to focus increasingly on sustainable energy solutions, such as geothermal energy, CO2 storage, hydrogen and green gas.

EBN has unique knowledge. We have gathered in-depth insight into the Dutch subsurface and more broadly into the energy system as a whole. With this we translate social ambitions into reality. That is what we do and that is our drive: Energising the Transition.


Category: Future Energy & Resources
Labels: Energy, Energy transition, Exploration, Geothermal, GIS, Innovation, Resources, Sustainability

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