The Paleobiologische Kring (Palaeobiological Circle) is a circle of the Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (KNGMG). Founded in 2004, we are a platform aimed at improving communication between scientists, amateur palaeontologist/geologists and students within all the different palaeobiological disciplines in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Throughout the year we organise many different activities, such as symposia, field trips and fossil fair events. Traditional elements are our annual geological city-walk, and, in recent years, a summer excursion to the excavation in the Triassic Winterswijk quarry and shark teeth hunting in Cadzand. On Saturday 9 March 2019 we co-organize the fifth edition of PaleoTime-NL, the largest palaeontological event of the Netherlands, and this year also with a student outreach-poster award!

The Paleobiologische Kring is open for all persons who have a passion for fossils in its broadest sense. So, we welcome professionals, students, PhD candidates and amateur collectors to become a member for only 12.50 euro per year and stay up to date about our activities! You can register on our website ( or visit our stand today.

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