Your career long support.

We would not be an average intermediary. First of all, we are fully specialized
in the construction and industry sector. Think of Architecture and Civil
Engineering. Your world is our world. We see in which direction it moves. Sit in
the front row of the most beautiful companies. And they speak every day. That
is why we know where your opportunities lie. Where is a match.
We also do things differently. Our profession is job placement. Help you with
that dream job. But our intention goes further. We want to support you for
your career. So not only if you are looking for a new job. Also before and after.
That is why we continuously develop new resources that will take you further.
You create your career yourself. We give you wind. Continuously.

What we do for you.
Our goal as an intermediary is to help you with a suitable position with a
permanent employment contract. We do this through secondment, our core
Do we see a promising match? And you also see it all? Then you first start
working for the company on a secondment basis for a predetermined period.
During this period you will be on the payroll with us. This is the ideal run-up to
permanent employment. Because you can get used to the new company first
and vice versa. Then you enter into service. Is your love mutual and by no
means extinguished? Then you are in permanent service and we have achieved
our goal. Just like you!

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