We are indispensable in the transition to a sustainable world, the biggest challenge we have ever faced. Three values are important to us in this respect: responsibility, progress and decisiveness. Every day we search for innovative solutions that will sustainably improve our services.

We develop and operate energy networks. Through our cables and pipes, over three million Dutch households and companies are supplied with electricity, gas and heating. Together, our more than 7000 employees make sure the lights are on, homes are heated and businesses can keep operating. We take great pride in our networks being among the world’s most reliable.

What Alliander does
The world around us is changing rapidly and the energy transition is in full swing. Wind turbines, solar panels, charging stations, heat pumps: they all affect our electricity and gas networks, and it is up to us to prepare the energy grids for this new world. and everyone in the Netherlands is having their say in this.

A traineeship at Alliander
We can offer you a unique traineeship for a minimum of 18 months and a maximum of two years. Whether you opt for management, technical, IT or finance, you will be given the opportunity to personally shape your traineeship. You decide which assignments you do, with at least two and at most four. In addition, together with your fellow trainees, over a period of 18 months you will follow a personal development programme at the training institute for leadership and personal development De Baak.

Contact details
Annalyn Brugman / Godelief Wösten
06 2506 4646 / 06 1431 8479
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