Acacia Water is a research-oriented groundwater and water management consultancy with the explicit aim to translate knowledge into practical solutions. Acacia Water has a contemporary vision on sustainability, by putting it into practice, both within mainstream projects but also through our own initiatives. Acacia Water improves availability of safe and clean water worldwide. Our team of experts combine applied research and scientific knowledge to arrive at practical solutions for integrated water resources management at all scales. Our working method is inclusive, meaning we work together with our clients, partners, process stakeholders, end-users and the local communities. Together we achieve sustainable, applicable solutions to urgent surface water and groundwater problems.

Acacia Water is based in Gouda, the Netherlands. Currently the company has 35 staff members with different backgrounds, and we have specialized in multiple disciplines, such as hydrogeology, water management, GIS, geochemistry, water economics and (human) geography. In the past ten years, our expertise and experience have been made available to a large range of clients, including the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, EU, INGOs, national governments and multinationals. In the Netherlands, our clients are water authorities, drinking water suppliers, governmental organisations, and private companies. Current focus areas abroad are Africa, South-East Asia, and the Middle East.

Some of our recent projects:
– Subsurface storage of fresh water on Texel
– Groundwater Mapping 4 Climate Resilient WASH in arid and semi-arid areas in Ethiopia
– Prevention or reduction of land subsidence in the Netherlands in peat areas
– Natural resources management in Sudan
– Eco-DRR and landscape restoration in Ethiopia for resilient communities

Category: Hydrology, Climate & Soil
Labels: Consultancy, Droughts, Environmental Management, Hydrology, Innovation, International, Resources, Sustainability

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