During the online event, there will be a lot of opportunities to get in contact with PhD candidates from several universities and institutes. They will tell you everything you want to know about their life in academics and their experience as a PhD candidate.

There will be two stands on our company fair arranged especially for those pursuing a PhD. During two timeslots, you can view short videos where they explain their  research and ask them about their studies. Furthermore, you can make a personal appointment or chat with them, or exchange contacts and speak after the event. If you are also interested in obtaining a PhD, this is the perfect moment to learn more from people with recent experience, so be sure not to miss out!

All our PhD participants will be uploaded here soon!

Maaike Zwier

Effects and responses to changing environments in the sub-Antarctic.

Fardad Maghsoudimoud

Quantitative models for mineral exploration.

Sadhana Nirandjan

The coastal flood risk to critical infrastructure.

Henrique Goulart

Storylines for climate information and extreme impacts.

Tristian Stolte

Disaster exposure & vulnerability in urban areas on a global scale.

Teun van Woerkom

A PhD on groundwater: “High pressure?”

Hugo van Schrojenstein Lantman

Garnets and their inclusions as key to unravel P-T paths, deformation history, and fluid-rock interaction in the ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic Lago di Cignana unit, Western Alps, Italy.

Rûna van Tent

Imaging mantle azimuthal anisotropy and density using normal modes.

Floris Leijten

Assessing the effectiveness of corporate zero-deforestation commitments.

Anna Gülcher

Towards a recipe of the Deep Earth: Dynamics of rheological and chemical heterogeneity in the lower mantle.

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