Network carrousel and Online Matchmaking

The network carousel and online matchmaking are two unique parts of the digital event platform, with which you can easily network with the participating companies. These components are briefly explained below.

The network carousel is part of the program where you can make contact with many people from the sector in a short time. Think of a digital form of “speed dating”, in which a new conversation partner appears every few minutes, with whom experiences, ideas and contact details can be exchanged.

The Online Matchmaking is another new part of the program that can only take place in the additional mobile application. Various labels will be made in advance, which you can add to your profile in the digital platform. Consider, for example, labels such as “student”, “hydrology” or “internship project”. During the day, matches will be made between you and companies based on these labels. This makes it even easier for you to come into contact with companies within your field.

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