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    Looking for an internship? For a challenging job? Or just curious about the possibilities in one of the companies? Check out the vacancies of our companies! During the Meet&Connect, you will get the chance to get in touch with your favorite company and convince them that you are the talent they cannot miss out on. You are allowed to show your interest up to three companies. Your CV will be considered by the company and if you are the talent they are looking for, you will get an invitation to participate in one of the Meet&Connect rounds!

    Below you can find the companies from last edition’s ESCE. The Meet&Connect for the upcoming edition will be announced soon!
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    Stema Systems

    Stema Systems supplies hydrography- and oceanology-related measurement systems. We want to contribute to the quality and efficiency of the hydrographic survey community by providing and implementing state-of-the-art and innovative survey sensors, systems, and concepts. Related services such as training, installation, and support are also supplied by our company.

    Stema Systems is based in the Netherlands. There is an intense interaction with aquatic environments in this country that lives and works with and is even built in the sea. The question is not whether there is a need for gaining knowledge about the associated processes for national safety, economic, and environmental purposes: the question is how to obtain complete aquatic data sets of the highest quality in a cost-efficient way.
    For more than thirty years we participate in this process and we may state this way of thinking and doing has grown into the genes of our company. Stema Systems operates global for numerous harbour, dredging, and surveying companies, universities, and research institutes.



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    Without Geo no adequate approach to climate adaptation, mobility issues, environmental plans, redesigns, asset management or water management. GeoExperts lives Geo and Geo Information. With knowledge of processes, systems, technology and applications with which location intelligence is optimally used in spatial assignments, we feel at home in almost every field and environment. Our professionals make the complex world of Geo-information technology workable. For you as a professional you would like to link your expertise to Geo / GIS. You enjoy helping different customers and looking in different cuisines. You have the opportunity to develop yourself further through the range of personal and technical training options that we have in-house. Various knowledge sessions are also organized among employees. As an informal organization, we provide personal attention, both towards you and the customer. Does this appeal to you and do you want to know more? Make it known!


    Infram is a consultancy agency that focuses on public space, mobility, water and energy. Advisors from Infram mainly consult Dutch governments on the implementation of projects and programs. We do this by assisting on planning, management, contracts, financing, energy transistion and the design of the infrastructure and the spatial environment.

    Antea Group

    Working at Antea Group means: having fun working on great projects, with plenty of attention for your personal development. And that within a driven organization that, together with you and your colleagues, also wants to continuously improve. For example, in February 2020 we started the 1001 day-plan. In this plan we work together with the entire company to focus on and improve the themes Innovation, Sustainability, Visibility and Us.

    Antea Group is the home of proud engineers and advisors. Together we work to create a safe, healthy and a future-proof environment. 

    With us you will find the very best specialists in the Netherlands in the field of spatial planning, environment and subsurface, management of public space, data and infrastructure. Issues related to climate adaptation, energy transition and replacement tasks play a major role in our projects. From research to design, from realization to management: we bring the right knowledge to the table for every assignment. We think critically and always from the mindset to go for the best result together. In this way we anticipate today’s questions and the solutions for tomorrow. For almost 70 years.

    As an employee you can count on extensive education and training opportunities, and a pleasant working atmosphere that motivates and inspires. An environment in which you are given the space for personal development and in which you are in control to give direction to your career, thus creating your own world. Would you like to know more? We would like to meet you via the Meet & Connect or in our digital booth at the Earth Science Career Event!

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