Focus groups


If you also want to have some extra help with familiarizing with all the companies on our company fair, make sure to check out our focus groups! In separate time slots during the digital fair, our companies will give a short presentation. This way, you can still connect with even those companies that you might not yet be familiar with, or new companies within your field of interest.


These focus groups are divided by the six themes of our Earth Science Career Event, each of these themes will host two focus groups of approximately 10 minutes during the company fair. On the platform of our digital event, you can choose what themes fit your personal interest the best and you will visit one of the companies in this theme. The companies that you will be assigned to within your chosen themes will be selected randomly. This way, you also visit those companies that you might not have checked out otherwise. 


A more detailed schedule of this afternoon will be published in the weeks following up to the event. If you are already participating in another activity at the beginning of the company fair, like a Meet&Connect, a Workshop, or if you have a personal appointment, there will also be a second focus group session later in the afternoon.


Our focus groups will be split up over our six themes of the day:

Construction & Engineering

Included within the focusgroup of Construction & Engineering are companies that work on the improvement of the infrastructure domestically and in foreign countries. Within the civil engineering sector, earth scientists are often needed to work out and better the rigidity of building materials, metal alloys, or map out the (sub)surface.

Environmental Policy & Management

The Environmental Policy & Management focusgroup is mainly concerned with the human side of the geosciences. This includes how we can design our future, give more grounded advice about the Earth’s surface, or how we should distribute resources to protect our natural environment – for both humans and our beautiful Earth.

Exploration & Production

Companies within the focusgroup of Exploration & Production are tasked amongst other things with the acquisition of natural resources, such as oil, gas, ores, or other raw materials to fulfill humanities’ needs. Non-tangible resources, such as energy or in-depth geological knowledge will also come to the surface within this focusgroup.

Future Energy & Resources

The main goal for companies within the Future Energy & Resources focusgroup is to prospect the future of our energy budget. Hot topics within this growing energy challenge are: How we will supply the energy to fulfill our needs, how we can arrange a smooth and swift energy transition, and where we should now focus on to power future generations?

GIS & Remote Sensing

The focusgroup for GIS & Remote Sensing takes a whole other perspective when looking at the geoscientific sector: Looking to the Earth far from its surface to gain insight in how create movement of products and people, to better map natural processes and hazards, to optimize infrastructure and agriculture, or to mobilize troops or human aid.

Hydrology, Soil & Climate

Within the focusgroup of Hydrology, Soil & Climate we focus on the impact that we humans have on the outermost layer of planet Earth and vice versa. Recurring themes within this focusgroup are land use and surface pollution, climatological studies, meteorological forecasts, water management, and the safekeeping and distribution of clean drinking water.

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